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Added time:2012-12-24

Technical parameters



High Efficiency (Up to 91%)

Active Power Factor Correction (Up to 0.99)

Constant Current Output

6kV L/N to Ground, 4kV L to N Lightning Protection

All-Round Protection: OVP, SCP ,OTP and Open Lamp

Waterproof (IP67)

EN 61347, UL8750 Safety Standards Approved


The YEC-060SxxxST series operate from a 249528 Vac input range. These units will provide up to a 1.4 A of output current and a maximum

output voltage of 86 V for 60 W maximum output power.  They are designed to be highly efficient and highly reliable.  The standard features

include lightning protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, and over temperature protection.


Output    Input      Output     Max.Output Typical       Power Factor   Model

Curren    Voltage    Voltage    Power      Efficiency(2) 277Vac 480Vac  Number

700mA(1)   249528Vac  4386 Vdc  60W         90%             0.95    0.90   YDC-060S070ST (4)

1050mA(1)  249528Vac  2958 Vdc  60W         89%             0.95    0.90   YDC-060S105ST (4)

1400mA(1)  249528Vac  2143 Vdc  60W         88%             0.95    0.90   YDC-060S140ST (4)  


(1) The output current is adjustable at factory from 50% to 100%.

(2) Measured at full load and 277 Vac input.

(3) A suffix-xxxx may be added to denote variations or modifications to

the base product,  where x can be any alphanumeric character or blank.

(4) Non-Class 2 output (USR & CNR).

(5) : Popular model.

Input Specifications

Parameter       Min     Max       Notes

Input Voltage    249 V    528 V

Input Frequency  47 Hz    63 Hz

Leakage Current           0.7mA       At480Vac 50Hz  input

Input AC Current          0.28A       Measured at full load and 277 Vac input.

                          0.18A       Measured at full load and 480 Vac input.

Inrush Current            50A         At 480Vac input 25°C  Cold Start